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E-Quip/ E-Qip. 5/8/16…. Dear Sir/ Cur….. Shaun My-call-if / Shunned MaCalipate (whatever). I ‘m also, mad as hell because there are no patriotic-comedians. Shaun, your stuff is fu…

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diarrea sharia

E-Quip/ E-Qip. 5/8/16…. Dear Sir/ Cur….. Shaun My-call-if / Shunned MaCalipate (whatever). I ‘m also, mad as hell because there are no patriotic-comedians. Shaun, your stuff is funny & frivolous but, (like a giant baby), never join-the-Fn-dots Always avoiding the only game, in town. Why moslums still need us dead. Oh! ABC policy sorry. If you are not Shorn (you soon will be) well that’s typically, mad-already. But here is (enough material for) 12 series of mad as hell-al .. ….But, ..if you (reading this), have led a sheltered-life, or are not a fan of observational-humor or know everything, or not a Connoisseur-of-Corruption, (or of Caustic-Comments/ Literary-Levity) or think that the mark of a man’s success, is the ability to grow facial hair, the strength of his breath, or the coloring-in, of their latest tattoo, or think everything on TV, is true or Hitler/ Mercle/ Barry So-Fraudo (and Canadian Mr Truth-not), are all deserving of U.N. peace prizes ?, (or think Saudi Arabia got to control the UN, based on its human” rights”record ? SHAUN stop-it ! Channeling is one thing but guttering ? …………..(Shaun is my brother (twice removed, already))………………….. But if your eyes are glazing, And your brain is looking for the exit already. Then most of this, might just be wasted on you, so run along now, the adults are talking… Maybe (to fill your time at little-lunch) get a AK47, (Repaint it) take it back into school, (to test security), call it a C/Glock (that you have just invented) and O’vomit will give you a tour of the white house, call you a genius and then “Credit-Card-Fund” a new mosque, in your honor, infidel-taxpayers children, to pay for it (of course) …. NOTE Socialism, (cash rewards for not contributing anything (Usually with bonus points, for wanton-wasting). Works well, until it runs out of other peoples money/ causes (un)civil-war)….. But I digress, Then, barry O’fraud-o will then (probably) also gift your family “death-benefits”, because of your heroic-acting, when you “died” 3 times at the Sandy Hook Drill (that turned out to be a Demorat Media remake of War-of-the-worlds). But what the hell, sue for even-more/ you will be smiling-more, far more than that dead (xboat)-prop…………………. ……………. …Anyone remember ? That commercialized cadaver-boy,? (son of people-smuggler), reposed by the paparazzi, up and down the beach (to get the emotion-tug-(a-boat/ bout)”just right”) half-in the water/ head to water/ head in water/ sideways/ front up/ down, shoes on, shoe-less. (they look more deserving/ abandoned, with no shoes). Then his carcass, so carefully put back (where he was originally found) between the rocks?. Dozens of paparazzi, hundreds of photos, endlessly posed, reposed & posted, (for another media-circus distraction) but most shots, are now not-available in your country Now only the milking, “money-shot” is readily available. AU had a similar scam, the child-like stick-drawings from manus ( A suburb of Sydney I’m told) . The locks were the wrong type , the fences were the wrong type the political comments all legible …Yes its funny now / very 1st of April-ish. Mmmmm……… .For anyone still reading, take this all very s-l-o-w, (and have the tissues handy) even though it’s not a love-story, you will laugh (and you will cry) and there will be blood on the walls/ You will get very angry, even more than at the “professional” brat-shit, punk-ish-dish-respect of our liberties, type comedy (which relies on a laugh-buttons, to contage the tittering/ twittering). Basically those, (verballing/ furr-balling) comedians/ media, aim to cast a very disturbing, traitorious-shadow, on the graves of those who fought for all your/ (now receding) non-moslum liberties. Liberties that allow you today, to allow your children (allo allo) to run as wild as imbecilic-idiots. This is about These liberties (that were gifted by patriots (in trust) to everybody)…. You may be familiar with a “comedic PROJECT .?? Basically, childish, laugh-tracking attempts, at contagious-schadenfreude/ the ridiculing of those who still try to protect (and maintain) today’s (fought and died for) liberties, from today’s mindless obscenity, the (“Mufti-Hussani/ Goebbels-inspired”), criminally-insane, media. (2 true/ 2 deep/ 2 good ? Probably Yes/ Yes and Yes. …………………………………………………………………………………………….. Revelation/ Elevation 2 ………The ambushing of Police and Fire-fighters (and gang-raping of nurses) in Sweden is endemic, now cancering to a wider World. But these muzi-caused atrocities, are a glorious god send, for the media, who use both for the disruption of your trust & sanity and your children’s potential, (that is the real purpose,) while your efforts are being stolen (squandered) hand-over-fist ( more fist than hand ) Zing ? Some following quips are frivolous ( Shaun style) but most so straight-up, you’ll think its stand-up time /some so wise, that you will read them twice), if your head doesn’t spin, go back, you’ve missed it/ been distracted by, too many Zingers) So if you are over 18 (with your original pink-bits). This is to educate Uni Professional-students, what calling a spade, a spade is like. … …….. If addicted to haha/-l (compulsory-cruelty/ comedy) from here on in, you will be reminded why guns and beer were needed, invented and still essential. Parts may drone on, like a Shaunish monologue/ monotolog/ godog-ologue (and you may well ask , what the hellal is that) .. …… .So unless you have inbuilt-fortitude/ determination to do the right-thing (and a strong-constitution and think Schindler was a hero) get the first one open NOW… …..Yes I’ll wait, (and put more on ice. No, not the muzi-branded “ice”) and don’t get too “fog%mist”(far-gone-pist) as I have been swigging on “truth-serum” and so you may also need to “person” a fire-extinguisher, but sit back, (seat-belt on, 1st gear low-range 4WD) And take a holiday in the real world, as I explain what Shaun and the ABC media-mist, deliberately-missed. (That’s ssss-mokin’ already). And if you can stand it, I will include more Zing, than bull Shitten,”ZINGER”……. …….and so, to set the mood, first, a wit -tle muzi-mirth, (from that muz-lamic fuk-wit/ truk-wit, in France). Apparently his parting words were “Have a Nice die”. Too soon ? ?….Well he also said Truk U & Truk U & U & U, U & U..(The muzi in the truk goes, bang bang bang etc. Stab stab stab/ slash slash slash / lie lie lie / bomb bomb bomb / rape rape rape / flog flog flog / stone stone stone ( well muzlam is stone-age stuff. .(and how funny is that already?)) (Do the EYES now, Shaun). …….Well, you probably do know already, as those sharpened-muzi “staples”, are still “shootin-up” the charts/ “screaming-up” the streets/ strafing the screens, theaters and stations and and .. watch this space for more media-terrorists, endlessly calling wolf (with click-baiting/ media-mosque-ing in your very own living room/ waiting to die room, where you wait patiently, to have the media, insult your intelligence yet again……………. ……………My TV set, visibly-cringes whenever the “news” is on. Particularly now, when the ABC has to tell us, that that they are now the “trusted” news, (but they wont tell us, who trusts them ). And who is still listening to their endless, terror-porn distractions ? Who can remember when it really was, our ABC ? Back in the days eh ? When there was a potential for/ an aspiration for, media e-t-h-i-c-s (I wrote that slowly because now, the concept (even the correct spelling) is lost (and not everybody can always remember having a memory.) ……… Every mosque (or as the muzi call them armory) is an indoctrination madhouse ..duh (no Zing here)..Everything a muzi does, is for mahdi/ madhi, so mass-murdering / slaving is compulsory-complicit with commanding/ rehearsed (plus cohersing) the conned/ conscripted ……….Your BEER ? (it will be either be empty, or untouched) ………. … ……..But time to blink your eyes/ give your brain a rest already, anyway….Most people are now only capable of a 12 second, sound bite/ bile, thought-bubble/ dribble .What have you learned so far? . ………. .That Intelligence, does not guarantee immunity from indoctrination?……Or just, No-beer in empty-bottles ? Yes,That comment was frivolous, but no point in you continuing, if you can’t/ don’t / won’t, understand the words that you are reading. Or if you are trying to skim faster than your brain can compute. SO, JUST 4 U , (simply) YOU ARE THE ENEMY/ MUZ-LAM STILL NEEDS AND DEMANDS, INFIDEL-GENOCIDE. . …and probable best/ wise, to forward this email on, to someone more intelligent/ Patriotic. So C U later ………………………………………………………….. ……. PAGE 3 …….Shut the door on your way out, (and I-ah-tolla-U, please say Hell-lo, to everyone atalla the See Eye Hey, Snoop/ Sloops/ snake/ snack-bar. For those of you who are masochistic adrenaline-freaks (and foolishly contemplating, venturing further) everything below, is just the joining of the (readily-available) LaVoy Finicum (bullet holes) to explain why you should continue. …………………….. If in the past, you have just shaken-your-head and said all too-hard, have watched the media and also thought, everything there, is skitzo. Nothing adds up ? This really is for you. This will logically/ historically, join the dots that pulls, even a “media-version” into logical order. …Most sane people are just disgusted, at the mention of muz-lam’s ever-increasing, Stage 2. distraction-atrocities. (28,848 attacks on civilians since 9/11), but how many civilian-moslums are killed in revenge attacks ? Yes 0……… …(.muz-lam doesn’t allowed mo-slums to be civilian). The closest they cum, is as pawns/ Patsies for the paparazzi photos, (but are usually installed as school/ hospital based/ debased,) human-shields) (usually while the Stage, are shooting the Stage Only separated by the deliberately placed Grade 1 – 3 rs. . …………. .It all helps the media (and their muppets) to confuse the innocent (you,) their tickets to, ( but who is just in the way of) their mosque-promised, sexual-sweets (rewards for murder). These couple of pages contain more pork-greased bullet-points than most indoctrination-catalogs (yep, good but not a zinger either) If you want information, on why muz-lam is the EBOLA of the world (and why….traditional (endemic) muzlumic-stupidity, made that African outbreak, so much worse, ………(for everybody ) I will traditionally and compulsory , “muz-lamic-ly” squeeze the infectious (infect-us) pus, out of those bloated-cadavers too (before burying ). Today muzi nurses don’t/ won’t ,wash their hands, all because you are racist ? (and you can’t argue with that, just try, you bloody bigot) ……………….Back in the real world , where is all your money/ effort been going ? Usually to supply enough fossil-oil to keep the media, spinning-wheels spinning even (ever gratuitously) faster. Zing. ……………… (superfluously, like inside that last asinine-aside)……… ….That, and to fund/ marble-encrust, another hypnosis-hall (mosque) and to decorate the square-wheel (that is muz-lam), but the vast majority, it is just stolen and burnt. .. (Just so you wont have it, to fight back against their endless Quixotic-tilts, at everyone’s Armageddon).. . ……….. Ever wondered why, new Toyota hi-luxes and hum-vees (that USA taxpayers paid for, are always full of ji-hobbists chanting death to America ?. .Well barry O’Fumble, may just have something to do with that …………… …………. .So as the official-spokesman, for the non-moslum race, (and the non-moslum religion) and you, now, with brain, fully-engaged, it is my melancholy duty to warn you, that since its invention, YOU (humanity, democracy and enlightenment) are the enemy.. ….As Muz-lam has never been civilised, (or sane) wanted or needed, or productive, or beneficial to anyone (including mentally-enslaved mo-slumic zombies) anywhere, or at any time. But then again, which foot-shootin’ utilizer, (of the uncivilized, destructive-corrosive-effect of socialism) by a 7th century-mafia, ever was ? Oh, and to be sure, YOU (slaves) are the tax-paying “enemy” (and media-demonized mushrooms ….and being forced to fund muzlumic-lunacy, Stage 1. Trojan-camels, Stage 2. (economic & social-sabotage), & your own demise (Stage 3) ………….As you hear in the media today, (everyday) UP, is now down, IN, is now out (and LEFT, is now right) and patriots are stupid, bigoted and racist. (So stop using your brain, media will tell you what to think/ and when to think it) . I suspect even Wanky Moon, knows, that right is correct, but his life/ wife depends on him not saying it. (Is that a Zing?) …… ……………………………Cancer (muzlamic or otherwise) is often a wonderful concentrator of the mind, when you start to think of the questions your grandchildren will ask . What did you do to impress ? granddad ? in Flare up No 3? or during 2.9 ? But what could you have done ? You know there is a problem, but the media is always blaming YOU. WTF.? …………….. PAGE 4………….So what has gone wrong ?. (And not just with snopps) .What hasn’t gone wrong ? Endemic-Deception, by the camouflaging (in plain view by formally-trusted entities), the ambushing of our protectors (and trashing of everyone’s assets.). NOTE Muzi, bare-faced lying is called “taqiya”, its compulsory, (and like their kiddie-fiddling, mosque-condoned, encouraged and reward-promised)….. When it’s done by a traitorous-overview-group, ( that you pay for / claiming to be independent and ethical) that is obviously………WAR………… . ………………… .Yes the same one that has been going, for 1400 years, And as you are now realizing, continuous-war since the official-invention, of the muzi-mafia, (remember the last flare-up ? No 2. it was in all the papers). The now megga-muzi-mafia, also claims to be ethical, or beneficial (ie. a religion ?) etc. But camouflage and deception and ambush, are just some, of the primary-tools of muzlumic continuous-conquest-cancer/ warfare (If only you could kill a cancer with a gun ) ….. …………….Muz-lam, is now (via fossil-oil), insanely-rich, (but still, since its invention, insanely-insane) and now totally out of time and totally out of hand.. Known today as the ASPIS snake (the Egyptian/ Arabian-Cobra/ Asp). Because the letters spell out “Apartheid, Supremacist, Parasitic, Immature-Shitheads”..and is also known as FSSPSS.Foot-Shootingly-Sand-Pit Stupid, Savages, ( like trying to reason, with a bunch of druggies (which they are). Now time to read even s-l-o-w-a-r, as my words (& spilling), are diliberatly chosen, (for criminally-caustic, comedic-effect) muzi are also known as……………………. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMW (Medieval (very-evil), Middle-eastern, Muzzee-Mafia, Martydom/ Minge-wanting, Mahdi-Motivated Merciless-Mercenaries, Mosque-Mutant Mulla-Money Mad, Masquerading, Migrating, Maniacal, Malignant, Mate-Masticating/ Masturbating, Misogynist-Maggots, Mass-Murdering, Media-Manipulating, Mythology-Memorizing, Mentally-Moronic, Mindless/ Middleless (gutless) Mongrel-Wankers ……………Also immediately recognisable by their “trade-names” … Murdering-Trukwits-R-US….. manipulator of mercenary-media-R-Us…. .DeadHeads-R-Us…. /…. DeadBeat-dads/duds-R-Us . .Kiddie-Fiddlers, R-Us../.. Infidel-Genocide, R-Us.. / ..VooDoo-Zombies, R-Us… / .Assassins-In-Waiting, R-Us ../…. Trojan-War-Camel, R-Us…./ .Pretend-Syrians, R-Us. /. …………………….self-culling turkeys/Turks-R -Us…. Mentally-Mangled Morons,-R-Us.. /.. Cannibalistic-Cretins, R-us../ …Burn-U-alive (YUM) ../… Dip U in acid -R-US….mmmmm. …Deliberately-Dummed-Dolts R-Us.. (etc)……I.S.I.S. (Intense-Sex Involving-Sheep).(yes frivolous until you watch the videos) is the real muz-lamic, end-game, just attempting it (“Stage 3.”) too-soon. (condemned by other ( more patient/ lazy Stage 1.muzi) for going-off “half-cocked”/ half-cooked. Stage 3, is not supposed to be attempted, until success is certain, prematurely-“exploding” is a definable/ definite-disaster (because the ji-hobbist’s family will not be paid.). But isn’t it all, just juvenile, petty, sand-pit-shit/ cultural ?) Plus no trouble to make more (if you are on the dole) ……………NOTE. Christian-Crackling is to die for (apparently) and to a moslum, technically, you are not pork. (thus explains the mid-east kuru outbreaks) . Fortunately lately, Like they did last time, (in WW flare-up No 2) Russia (Putin) has been saving our bacon. (Yes Go on. Write that one down) oops wrong comedian. …..P.S. the “I” in islum, is for Immature / Illiterate / Ignorant / Intransigent / Irresponsibly-Indoctrinated Idiots / Insanity-Infected / In-bred / Imbecilic-Ingrates / In-sheep. But hang on, the media keeps pushing Black-Lies-Matter ? (and they did say it 10 times, in 3 minutes, so it must all be true,). How that surviving Russian pilot laughed and laughed when he was told about that media “turkey”. Yes, it was just another war-crime (by both the media & ottomanTurks) fowl-play, I say (Zing). (Did you get that one too ?????) I’m on fire tonight, keep that extinguisher handy….. ……………This truth-serum, is working a treat …………………….………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ………………….PAGE 5…………….And O’Vomit is crying those “Koran-codile” tears again, defending “multi-cult-torture-schism”? Such a golfing-wanna-be / 2 faced air-head, Indonesian-bastard / traitor in chief/ POTUS muzi-muppet/ total-fraud POS/ economy-subvert-er, even his lies cant be trusted / (he is as authentic as a “Syrian-passport”.) Son of (?) his black (Kenyan ?) muzi father and one of his 5 black (Kenyan) muzi wives ? Well the media says so (Yes you know/ I know / everybody knows, the king has no clothes, /ethics /morality / or any intention of being the christian he said he is) and AS patriotic AS ? A rapper? A wrapper ? A comedian? ? As a “government” union/ patriotic as Commo’Core-indoctrination ? As those Muzi-Bro(Bulli) Hoods ? As patriotic as Fake-book ?.CNN-nn.? etc etc ……… …….And whether you intend to vote for Trump, Tramp or Trout.. Please USA, vote for an American citizen this time, someone with some expertise in manpower and money management. Someone patriotic, and who is prepared to risk his own assassination, by media/ Ji-hobbists (same-same). And so, (like the demo-rats), you should vote early (and vote often) at least as much as the cadavers (and computers) did last time………… And yes the muzi “ji-hobbist” truk-wit/ fukwit (in France) is expecting to get, extra, “extra-virgins” virgins, on planet-pedo (which is said to be, flatter-than-flat). And elsewhere? real-muzi are chanting Not-In-My-Name ? I don’t think so. Now the other 1.6 billion, similar “martyrs-in-waiting” …..(OK, all un-connected, just all individual mental-patients, all with a workplace-grievance, who just happen to be all moslums, with bomb-laden/ bin-larden carts, cars / trucks etc. etc. NOTE. Crying WOLF or FIRE. (or ALLA 2 da snakebar) is all today media-type click-bait, perfected and utilised for the same purpose, to DE-stabilize the civilized, (productive and production)….. . (Well even Pavlov’s dog went mad, with being fed these same, insanity-sausages. But the media/ muzi do it all the time, to discredit anyone protective, Police, Politicians, Patriots etc.) But not (it seems) the AU fire-fighters union ? ? Who benefits from an increased in muzlumic arson ? Wont undertakers/ bulldozer drivers, also get extra work, burying the dead ? Are they all in the same socialist-union that sabotaged our troops in WW flare up, No 2 ? (I’ll have to look up one of the books) I think it was a waterside workers slub, affiliated now with the union, now claiming to be the best choice to build our new submarines. WTF . (Sub-slowly, Sub-merging, Sub-otaged & Sunk). Just another very expensive NBN farce ? NZ Doubled their internet-speed by updating software. (without the embarrassment of having to demonize timeless-copper). “Our?” NBN extra speed, will only ever be needed by big-brother ?. So Copper is bad ? (Well apparently). Can you see the headlines?. But will they blame Howard, Abbot or Turnbull , this time? .As the Sub-standard / Duds will now take twice as long to build, Cost twice as much & will be half as good .( maybe be in-service for WW flare-up No 4 ? The war of the mini-drones ?) And who is Cheering this typical, senseless imbecilic, muz-lumic waste (& how “normal/ everyday” these pointless, wanton-sabotage-al-crimes are starting to feel….mm).? …………Well you wont see anything deep & meaningful on (Traitorously-Vocal) T-V….Hey Shaun ?………..A muzi’s, “mosque-promised-future”, (of guiltless raping of your grand-children) is not here…….Plus totalitarian muz-lumic child-abuse, means that moslum-brats have no-freedom of religion/ education/ thought/ association (just assassination, (yes yours) . An education? muzi-style, is to farm in-bred-losers, into confident, self-righteous, rapists).. That’s unsustainable-insanity, in motion and in 2016, = 1 .6 billion, contempt-for-reality / humanoid / zombie-soldiers (1 billion, 2/3 successfully kept illiterate ), thug-cretins..(bit like the capitol-hill, clinton-crime-cartel,? all “friends/ witnesses ” end up dead,? 47 so far / but whose counting ? (& what’s it matter now ??) Thanks killery…. .But koranic PROPHECY (bluff/ bluster and bullshit) has /is (will always be), driving this 7th century, sand-pit-shit ) . But, It, is, CONDITIONAL !!!!! ……………………………………………………. PAGE 6 ……This world, will NOT be destroyed and replaced, (by Madhi/ Uncle-Pervy), UNTIL Israel / Jews / all Infidels / (and any, “too-civilized” moslums) etc. are all murdered / gone. Only then, will their sex-Santa, replace real-world-reality, with the 7th-century juvenile-male fantasy of ” pedophile heven” (as promised every day in every mosque, by the chief local imamic-mastabators …….NOTE. …All “prophets” are just schizophrenic-guessers / predictors, but today are still allowed to be promoted, professionally, (for profit) by paid-off media prostitutes, funded by mid-east fossil-oil zillions. But muz-lumic bribes, are always followed by extortion and blackmail. (so just another “trade(in-death)” union really)….And now some smokers are getting black-lung,(who would have thought ? Anything to do with that new giant ASP logo on their backs ?) If that doesn’t take the criminally-complicit cake, nothing will…………. ……………Transient warm water currents are again periodically still moving, some colorful coral-parasites deeper ( but they can’t go too-deep, because coral needs sunlight to survive):…And it turns out, calcium is (and has always been) as white, as the skin of a crow. (With or without sunlight). but WHAT A DISASTER. …….(Lo and behold) The media said, now, sunlight is bad and all non-moslum owned, fossil-productivity, must stop immediately ?? Note. FAITH is continued belief, despite contrary-evidence. Faith/ media is an insult to intelligence…… TRUTH is what an individual believes ( at a given time, and at a given place, (with the observed information, available to them), to be the facts ). It used to be associated (loosely) with the past concept of media-ethics, (ahh, the good ole days hey?)………. .This is just like being back at school, (don’t you think?) But now with the wisdom, from knowing-history/ respecting-reality ……So as the 8th century Arab warning goes, Never trust a moslum (or their mercenary media-maggots, foot-soldiers)…. .But what would old Arabs know ? Are they drunk on camel piss? addicted to reality?) . ARE YOU KEEPING UP ? Is there anyone out there ? Alert ? .We definitely need more Lerts.The unholy muz-lumic korokn-of-sihit, (plagiarized from both the bible and the torah), (and is O’bumma still plagiarizing speeches? ). Hang on, media now says plagiarizing is bad too. What will they condemn next ? Rain water ? Motherhood ? ………… not just O’ vomit who has also plagiarized speeches, but mo was a also total, goat-fukin deviate, but at least he was not moslum (or literate) and was dead about 70 years before muslam was even concocted……… The muz-lamic steering-commitee resurrected (t)his arsehole as a paragon of virtue ? (yes it’s funny now/ everyone is laughing/ not just because the news-media is a joke ). …But/ BUTT, Dont forget productive, sustainable,.civilizing-capitalism, will not kill itself / Planet earth, will not replace itself . None of the 10,000 all-powerful Dyslexic godogs will/ can protect themselves, and in 2016 , 7th century, juvenile-mentality, petty Moslums, are still not-allowed, to get civilized, (or be-civilians)…………. …NOTE. Only in Stage1 (deceive and infiltrate) do moslums even attempt to appear “non-combatants”, So what ya gonna do ? Yes lots of good people are being murdered, by Stage 3 moslums , needlessly and pointlessly, 240 million so far (and you ain’t seen nothing yet, these Turkeys are promised sexual-rewards for killing while dying, or dying while killing (so why would they wait until the 25th ?). Got a plan Einstein/ Shaun? This is not a accidental blow-out (of the Muz-lamic glass tube), muzlam was designed to be an unfix-able, pyramid-scam ……………And because the WORLD is much bigger than a 7th century camel-thief could see (or imagine), It’s actually TOO-BIG to kill everybody, (so their fictitious madhi will never cum). So it is all for naught, but they still do-do (muz-lam IS IS the turd, with no clean end) and continue to do-do, whatever they can, as cruelly as they can, to whoever they can, where-ever they can, when-ever they can, like they always do-do. But the mud-lumic hand-biting, (they don’t need your money, its all about crippling non-moslums financially and mentally, via initially (temporally), installing socialism (NWO) to do the dirty work .. PAGE 7…………………Blatant muz-lumic hand-biting/ contempt for reality, usually only gets really bad, after 5% population-contamination (so you do have time to vote in a Patriot, with some appreciation of economic reality). ………….. Stage 2. is subvert & weaken, Stage 3 is infidel-genocide …. No wait…go back, media-prostitutes are still pushing Black Lies Matter .(well, OK there is an election-fix under-way/ water again)….Well, we may all be, fleas on a dog, all be out-of-Africa, & despite all carrying ancestryl-genes (1-4% Neanderthal-(monkey) are all one “race”, (the human race) . Obviously not physically-equally, equally-sane or civilized, (want to be, or are even allowed to be), but we are all legally-indigenous (to wherever, we happened to be born). And for the progress of democracy & enlightenment anywhere?? …..(and the age-old question, which flea owns the dog), read on before you too will be-headed, at home……There is a balance ratio-rule, between the ethical, tax-paying, PATRIOTIC-BUILDERS, (who, for the benefit of a real-world, civilized future, needing to be 80% or greater, ) & the sub human BREAKER-PARASITES (kept below 20% max.).. .Unfortunately now, the muzi-mafia (via utilizing socialist-stupidity and complicity), steals/ extorts/ burns about 120% (of all productivity worldwide, (by controlling markets and funding unsustainable / parasitic- “lifestyle”, useful-idiots and crackpot gangreenies with their grand-subversive, uneconomic-stupidity.) so you (and countries) go broke, then live on credit from the muzi (money-laundering) banks, like Bendigo Bank (100% muzi owned, protected by legally-armed ? muzi “security gangs”) .mmmmmmmmmmm…Yes BIG EYES again Shaun ……Any Questions ? so far Shaun? ……..Get more low-down home-truth, hot-stuff at (And re-email any pages you already have/ like, to all/ any, (already infected), ostrich-universities / ostrich-councils / ostrich-politicians etc.etc..(anyone who is has the authority/ audacity, to waste public-money on a grand scale, or allows the criminal, cretinizing of children, on behalf of this criminally-cancerous, maliciously-merciless-mutant (blue-ringed) out-of-time octopus..(Thanks again whoever) …. While the media has taxpaying-patriots chasing their tails, trying to control the endemic muzlumic-funded corruption of anything financial (and civilly-beneficial). But obviously, the continuous muzi-warfare, (since its invention) will become more visible again, in what will probably soon be called, WW Flare-up No.3…..It’s King O’Vomit’s last hope….for monarchy via anarchy ( in a state of emergency). …. . …..Take the time to load (& hide) your guns and dry food (NOTE 2 self . H20 pills, do not work.)…. …NOTE . Soon shotgun-cartridges will be the only trade-able currency, (so wise-up and stock-up, while you can). No, none of the USA’s (land of fruits & nuts) 800 FEMA (Big House) camps will give/ sell to you, from their stockpiles of ammo or barbed wire, (even though you are paying for both). ………… Switzerland has the right idea (2 guns per household is compulsory) What criminal is going to attack, a known self-protected patriot ? duh. It demonstrates the immediate “civilizing”/ decriminalizing effect, of the sanity, of having the productive, also protective. That’s why Switzerland doesn’t have a gun-violence problem. (You would need something like barry’s control-oops for that) opps . ………… Common sense is also, that only the productive, should be able to carry/ marry (and vote for and to protect ) any new (proven-competent, money and manpower) manager. Duh . …….But O’vomit’s stealing from the public-purse (and from your children’s future) can only help madhi so far. She is fictitious duh (OK she is married to Santa Claus. .and they live on hell-al heven. Does that help ?) .Thank you Michael McIntyre…… but you’ve all heard the usual media-promoted “racist” scams? , “my grand-father once fished in this ocean, so that means, I now own the ocean / my mother once walked on that land / my uncle once looked at the moon etc, . …………….These try-ons are “traditional”, and everywhere ..So why not make up your own S.O.B. sob-sob-story? (& demands) as to why you too, are not also, a “deserving”-parasite/ hand-biting, welfare-card waver? ………….. PAGE 8 …………….Surely one of your ancestors, was a (non-taxpaying) vagrant somewhere ? At some time ???. Saudi or Sorro-arse will supply the placards. So go-on, block the streets. …. but an aboriginal “treaty ” ? To claim apartheid-privilege ? For being a distant relative, of a non-taxpaying, vagrant-parasite ? Whose “ancestors” never bought, built or brought anything, except Asian genes ? But to officially Endemic-ify, envy?..(BUG EYES now Shaun) Just the sort of “subvert and financially weaken”, of any tax-paying, civilized, democracy ( muz-lam tactic, Stage 2.) that today’s Saudi-Arabian fossil-oil zillionaires, will be funding also ??……(curiously, muzi have, burn, use, sell (are totally dependent-on) the only fossil-fuel, that is not demonized, by the media/ gangreenies WTF?? mmm …pay the piper, call the tune.?…………….. Everyone is actually indigenous, to where-ever they happen to be born , but only become “citizens” of a “nation”, after there being formed, a nation (and being “tax-office”, recognized by its services ). And only after bringing (or intending to contribute ) something (worth-stealing/ steal-able) to the table, productive-building (or buying/ funding ) infrastructure and services, before anyone can ever even claim, to be patriotic (in the flag-waving defense of humanity, enlightenment / democracy) and of the accrued common-good, financial nest-egg, built by(and including) the slaving of hundreds of thousands of (the real stolen generation) of white-skinned child-migrants whisked here (un-asked) from England. ……… ……….In America, the 1952 public law 414, prohibits Aiding or assisting of subversive aliens (anyone adherent to/ promoting, voodoo spearing-laws). It was supposed to stop any unconstitutional/ uncivilized diarrhea) to even enter the United States…….That’s why USA didn’t develop/ have, any race-baiting, subversion-diversion, moslum-brother-hood problems, Or a $20 zillion unpalatable/ un-payable debt, to giant Asian-tigers/ (or since O’Vomit was elected) a spiraling (UP) illegal gun-violence problem (I am so so Fn funny, I also know, (just how hard) you are laughing, too/ now). …Hang on, Shaun may have once mentioned, that Trump caused it . ( to comply with ABC policy) . All non-patriots, are just blood-sucking, fleas on the dog (or like mo-slums, all eager to kill the dog)… The whole point of being-muzi/ staying-muzi, is that the virgins will cum, (but only after the dog is killed), their guiltless-gang-raping of your children today, will be also be on the “next” planet, (as reward for their today’s stubborn-stupidity and mass-murdering/ Van-dalizing today.) .. ….But its vote-buying time again . “Rent-A-Mob/ Move-on/ etc. pays $16/hr. (tax free). Watch for the streets flooded with/ blocked with, (suddenly-rich) un-employables. Alllah eager to vote for a economy-crippling, (but involuntary-patriot-funded) dole-cheque. All these Commo’-Core indoctrinated parasites, with “emotionally-glossy” placards, with the sole purpose of demonizing the productive and protective, plus (as always), disguised by endless (anything) media-headlines/ deadlines, i.e. C it,on Cnnnn. “this week’s best-rapist awards”, .(what a Fox/ the fux).The world is now square (with 5 corners), etc., (and blacks natter ? well obviously don’t matter to blacks, as most illegal gun-violence is between black-criminals with illegal-guns, in gun-free, demo-rat states, and the media knows it)…. And most moslums (criminals), are killed by other moslums (criminals) and the media knows that too… .But, hey, there’s always another “pokemon”/ atrocity (to distract from the “Allah-phant” in the room) plenty of trees to hide the Forrest etc etc etc…. .You may have gone to school, and the media may be a joke, but here is no “laugh-track” (or free lunch) in the real world, where there is only 2 types of people, YES, ONLY 2 TYPES and its got nothing to do with gene-variation or media-manufactured “racism”, (or in-bred, muzlumic-cretinism).. Its the BUILDERS, (for the future), Vs the BREAKERS.. .(who are stealing from the productive, every day). This divide is Sometimes referred to as .THE PATRIOTS (the builders, buyers & bringers) . Vs the VAGRANT-PARASITES.(or to be more clearly stated), the tax-paying PATRIOT-SLAVES Vs ..the totalitarian-(KKK/Nazi) SOCIALIST… PAGE 9……….PARASITES .But the real allah-phant in the room, is still MUZI-VooDoo,Vs this PLANET.. Moslums are promised (and are convinced) this planet (earth) will be eliminated, their future is “mosque-promised” to be elsewhere …..( Planet-Pedo ?.) … But these “sewer-slide /cretinized-creeps” (and their bin-liner beasts/ babes) are currently both “media-darlings”(?) pride of every muzi family, factory-farm. What a joke, these selfish juvenile-mentality, envious, over-eager-beaver-rapists/ over-beaver/ beaver-rapists (yep that all works, unless you are already-over, eager-rapists)…., Brats who can’t count (or wait) for the third (the infidel-mass-killing, Stage 3).. .But to the brat-breeding-bastards, (breeding these bastards ) worth it, for the $25,000 saudi-reward (for their brat-bellies, having produced even more “mahdi-motivated” murderers. that is swop-able/ swompable (lol) for 2 boat-tickets, (from a muzi people-smuggler) to escape-sideways “the muzi bed” that they continue to make for everyone)…………….Loafing on welfare, in a non-moslum controlled country is bliss (and No 1, on the Dedly 60).. A far better deal than (working as a professional street-vandal/ arsonist ) with george’s Sorro-arse’s “Rent-A-Mob”………… ……. But my observation is, that the last WW (flare-up No 2.) with the unholy (socialist) “WW2 anti-Semitic-trinity” of the Vatican, Germany & Mecca (which is obviously, under way again).. In Europe today 80% of the rape-U-gees, are not Syrian, not poor, not deserving, (but 80% are fighting age males, 80% contemptuous, ridiculously self-righteous, moslums. ) most have disappearing into police “no-go” zones. Warm, welcoming, socialist, Sweden, (now the gang-rape capitol of Europe) has 55. (and the media doesn’t know why ???). ………. .Remember last flare-up, Churchill was media demonized, as a truth-a-phobe, a muzi-o-phobe, a mick-o-phobe (Fortunately he was on our side ). If only men were still men ….mmm. Nowadays (via media-terrorism), most have ended up as “still-men”, their assets/ future already stolen, (again like Jews in a ghetto/ last time) dis-armed, alla-h just waiting……. ..Patiently waiting for, listing for, Slimid (his gold-tooth flashing) to call (sheepishly) “Allah 2 Da Snack-Barr, Barr (Shaun Mc..(Currently hissing /pissing himself) You have so much to answer for)……. ..Can you imagine if it had been 60 million race-based killings/ 60 million Hate-based killings/ 60,million mahdi-motivated killings, instead of 6 million ????. Weeeell, 60 million civilian-dead would (possibly/ probably have been), “unforgivable” ?….But whats it matter now (thanks old killary (not-quite-gold Glinton) for that one … No I didn’t mention the millions more who tried/ died to stop it ( mostly Russian) ….TODAY, (and every day since its invention (in the 7th century) , MUZ-LAM has demanded (and is still attempting) INFIDEL-GENOCIDE. …………. .. Yes in the 7th century, kill all the neighbors and steal everything was feasible/ possible. But today, its too big a task/ ask .. So what will muzis do, when they run out of fools, to help ? When the unionist/ nazi/ socialists/ KKK/ micks/ gangreenies/ NWO (all the selfish, suk-up fools-tools) suddenly get smarter/ ethical (or more likely, dead) ? …….Note. In Germany (before mufti-hussani arrived), hitler was only demonizing and deporting Jews.. but muz-lumic prophecy is/ REQUIRES. .that. Before any ji-hobbists get the virgins, all Jews/ infidels have to die……(hence the gas-chambers ). ………………..The dots ? Now starting to pile up in the trench ? You have probably noticed the lines of armed personnel-carriers on the highways in USA ? marked UN , and thought WTF, .Or wondered why O’fuk’s 800 FEMA camps, are topped with razor-wire (angled in) mmmmm……… Well anyway, History shows muz-lam was congealed on mass-male murder, mass female sex-slavery and mass theft and destruction of anything flammable. It’s what the crusades were sent to stop, but way too little (and way way too late) .. Muz-lumic koronic chronic (colonic) diarrhea blasphemy “law”, is just the re-naming of their West-African slaving-codes. .NOTE. Any installation of P.C.(blasphemy) laws, means, you slaves, definitely, should have (defiantly), started shooting yesterday. What Ya gonna do ‘cos they want you too. Bad Barry, Bad Barry…. PAGE 10 …… ……….The muz-lumic motivating “reward list”, (then and still is today, 7 levels) includes their base mercenary pay/ promise, of 72 black eyed (Jewish) virgins / river of wine / bigger (than big) new Cok / raping something (anything ) 100 times a day / 300 sexy boys / 4 juvenile de-clitted beasts of burden (wives) / etc. . a bit like “Scientology-heven”, but on the “gear,” (which they only “deal-in” for society’s benefit, don’t you know?) harder to escape from, than membership of the Joe-Hoover Whitless-sz. ..Even the Dope, is now openly praying mecca-ward (hoping the koran-codile will eat him last ?……..Hoping his ole WW2 muzi-mates will stop raping nuns/ beheading priests? ). ..ITALY doesn’t recognize muzlam as a religion (Because they have enough home-grown mafias already)..OK Zing……. (good one, hey Shaun ?) ……….. .Marriage is a legally binding, financial business contract, between consenting adults of sound mind. (how hard was that ?) A muzi marriage is between a pedophile, and the fore-mentioned mutilated-children..Ziiiing….. So where are, all the real (muzla-mists) moslums, on the street chanting NOT IN OUR NAME,,,,mmm….Shaun, will now throw up/ to … Gerbells O’flattity to check at the windows……..But I digress ..AS as none of this cause/ effect, sewer-slide-reward, is testable, (or provable), and so it is still today, being legally ? religiously (ridiculously) indoctrinated, into “eager-to-be-certain/ deluded”, wanker-wanna-bees. (as well as appealing to any other loser, who is also “religiously-seeking” mental-certainty, (by avoiding-reality) / or concealed/ constricted by (sus-spear-law) in the perceived safety of a congealed-gang getto, (of their own choosing) …….moslums are allowed to associate with, but these ingrates are not allowed to intergrate (out of 10 please Shaun) …… … …..All for a better chance for them to masturbate into something, still warm and soft/ wet. (Note. Blood only works (as a lubricant) for so long mmmmmm.) ..While they keep an “eye-out”, for any opportunity, to bang-the-brains out of a discarded-head, before they be-heading home. ………….( mmm) ..More, Stewart Lee-ish that one… Tony J just said I’ll take that as a comment. (but I also suggest you don’t repeat that, out loud ( but everyone (should) know what goes on in the religion of peace/ multi-cult-toture-skism.). Check out the “MEMRI” translation service (learn how to beat/ eat your wife “muzi style” ) straight from a mad-mulla-mouth ….mmm…… And I did heard recently on the ABC-(DE) (Always Biased Crap-(Drivel-Everyday)) “NEWS” media …(the W.W.E. of “conflict-resolution”)…They have justreported” ? That,, ,SPOONS make you fat, but forks are OK. (what a relief) ..The world is now spinning too fast (and birds are now flying backwards) and the Jews did it. …(uncontrolled media-spin, more like, too much US style, progressively-liberal, with the muzi fossil-oil mmmm) The now “financially-independent” Al Bore/ Whore,, (who started originally Goring with the global-cooling scare), then promised New York will be under water by 2014 ? (that’s right he did) But we still have all 130,000 glaciers ???.no more no less..(and oceanic sand-islands, are still rising and sinking duh) ……… Wind farms fund them-selves ? WTF ?. (even the abandoned ones?.) .NOTE. No wind farm is/ was ever, self- funding, their existence totally-dependent on muzi-promotion, via the gangreen’s economic-vandalism (to rip off (weaken) tax-paying, patriotic, non-moslum slaves) …..Pleased be warned, experts still can’t agree, on whether half of what I write, is even meant to be funny.But how are “they” going, so far ??? How are “you” going, so far .???? starting to laugh/ cry yet ??? ..It really is, the obliteration of this world (plus everyone’s civilized-future), that is still being attempted (and partly succeeding (because of foot-shootin, blind-sided, tolerance, to muzlumic 7th century violent voodoo-insanity)….Conversely, any success, (in YOU trying to save real-world humanity, democracy/ enlightenment today ), is as likely, as stopping moslums, (from their 1,400 years of self-culling cannibalism.) .(as both muzi-camps/ gangs believe your virgin grand-children are exclusively theirs, so the only time they fight-as-one, is against anyone (too-civilized) who mentions the golden-rule/ the world is round PAGE 11……Any troops sent to untangle that nest of snakes/ stop them from killing each other, is a total waste of time, money and patriots. No wonder so many good, “returned-people”, are lost to suicide (after they ponder the futility (sabotage & waste) of their past optimism and effort)…that and the demoralization by/ dehumanization by/ demon-ization by socialist media-prostitutes ………… . Sadly 7th century violent muz-lumic voodoo, is still being promoted and promised and perpetrated, (legally?) as a “real” future (and still being cancered-into the minds of the innocent (legally ?) today (everyday)), in every mosque (hypnosis hall) that was ever built…. regardless whether they point to the original mecca on the trade-route ( in the North), or the new air-conditioned theme-park in the South. (where in their eagerness to put their heads in the sand (5 times a day, kissing stones and chant death to you should know who (by now) ) and where they regularly stampedes each death..2,000+, in 2014 (plus then the be-headings of the scrape-goats) You cant make this stuff up, Watch it yourself on YouTube …No hang on, that may have been the opening of a maccas (and how many of them, do they own ???.) . Quick, back to the TV, the “news headlines ” is, Pokemon has just converted to muzlam and been given a peace-prize (by the UN) Who would have thought? ………But the media is still mystified as to the motive of that male-moslum truk-fuk why? why? why? they ask . If only those bigoted, racist, patriots, had been more accommodating ………………Well……..muz-lam needs these side-shows, to distract (again) from their main, larger, Armageddon-(slymid ali) PROJECT, the world’s slow-motion, (muz-lumic (prophesy-driven) train-wreck). Yes all moslums are loco/ loco-drivers (its compulsory, they are “trained” that way) OK sorry, that was below every standard. But any “apostate”, is a dead ex-muzi, walking .See the problem ? …………… Militarily/ More importantly, these media-promoted atrocities, destabilizes civilised-mentally, into futilely-expending (10 times as much money) on “security”. And its always all for naught. Because a stage 2-3 muzi will then, just sucker punch another sucker (in another pram) somewhere else. But the media never knows why?………….(so next time you are blamed , perhaps you could advise them ?). …….. ……………..Beats me why you are still reading, you should know this stuff already. But please correct any mistakes/ omissions, before sending on (It’s not copyrighted ) re-send on to friends/ or to Mr Flaccid (our dozy/ dozing Sergent-At-Arms) Yes we pay top dollar for him to officially start the shooting off, (of traitorous-frauds / muz-lumic “heroes”,) particularly those van-vandals who have never been a genuine tax-paying citizen . . P.S. Essential Co2 (currently rising at 1 millionth, per 5 years) (plus sun) will always keep the world green (and growing) and always prosper. (despite 97% of all evolved-life being extinct already, but now their remains being sensibly recycled.)..But don’t recycle any coal. It doesn’t grow on trees you know..(Well it did ) NOTE when life was originally evolving, Co2 was at 4,000 ppm. (that’s when the darling twins, young COALin and OILive was just sprouting, (now still here, but as massive, resource-corpses)). Thanks again Co2, you just keep on giving. (and always tuned in to, our radio-active SUN )………. .Co2 Today is at a barely-measurable 400ppm trace-gas (except breathed inside submarines at 1,000 ppm)….. Also artificially force-fed into greenhouses (that’s why its called a greenhouse gas), to keep plants growing in winter, because Co2 always follows temperature up/ down, (otherwise (winter) at 150ppm, plants just stop growing). The glass insulates the green-house (and the sun heats) add Co2 and BINGO. Farmers been doing /knowing this for years.. ..But the media said? . Well the media never-said, that Co2 is rising at 1/ppmillion, (every 5 years) following the .8* temperature rise per century since the last mini ice-age . If You are a tax-payer/ family-man, civilized and ethical you can request more of my expose-observations/ litigious literary-levity from or go to… or to be really / truly disgusted…